Gothic Christmas CD

NOTE: William Zeitler (my ‘Mortal Manager’) handles all my CD orders!

For some reason mail carriers won’t come to the Castle anymore. We did have the last few mail carriers for dinner (tasty!), but what ever happened to “neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night…”? (Wimps!)

Plus, you get your CDs so much faster when William ships your order, since mail service to Castle Bachula is by stage coach. And they’ll only come during the day — why isn’t the Post Office open at night? Doesn’t the “Transylvanians with Disabilities Act” apply to those of us who are Daylight Challenged? On top of that, clipper ships from Transylvania are sooo slooow!

So when you order CDs, you’ll be taken to William Zeitler’s order form. (William has been selling his CDs on the Web since 1996).

William ships your CDs within one or two business nights.

Gothic Christmas

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Price: $US 14.95
Title Time Mp3 Sound Bite
1. Jingle Hell 2:34 mp3
2. We Wish You a Scary Christmas 1:49 mp3
3. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Hemlock 2:20 mp3
4. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Werewolf 2:33 mp3
5. Silent Fright 3:12 mp3
6. Up on the Grave-Top 2:06 mp3
7. The Thirteen Nights of Christmas 7:55 mp3
8. I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas 2:56 mp3
9. Oh Christmas Stump, Oh Christmas Stump 2:56 mp3
10. Bring a Stake, Jeanette Isabella 1:35 mp3
11. Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas 4:58 mp3
12. Hearse Ride 2:59 mp3
13. Santa’s Claws are Coming to Town 5:40 mp3
14. Auld Fang Syne 5:10 mp3
Total playing time: 49:11