Abandon All Good Taste, Ye Who Enter Herein!

(Adapted from Dante’s Inferno, with apologies)

Count Bachula at the Mighty Castle Bachula Pipe Organ

Count Bachula at the Mighty Pipe Organ at Castle Bachula

A Word from Count Bachula:

Welcome! I am Count Bachula—the not so great, great, great…great uncle of the famous composer J.S.Bach—on the Transylvania side of the family. After a hearty meal, I enjoy playing the Mighty Pipe Organ at my castle, Castle Bachula.

We vampires really enjoy the Holiday season. For one thing, the nights are SOOOOO LOOOONG—we just love that! And like your silly mortal children, our vampire children get really excited about the Holidays! The decorations—hanging boughs of hemlock, decorating the Christmas Stump, and counting the nights to The Longest Night of the Year. (Our favorite holiday!) And all of us vampires—young, old and Truly Ancient—really enjoy good Holiday music—like ‘Silent Fright’ and ‘The 13 Nights of Christmas’.

So I’ve just finished recording some of my favorite Holiday songs on an album called Gothic Christmas—with the help of some of my f(r)iends—many thanks to The Transylvania Vampire Choir (directed by Dr. A. Van Helsing), Quasimodo on bells, my trusty personal assistant E. Gore, and a dread host of others.

Gothic CHristmas

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A Word from William Zeitler

It has been my privilege to work with Count Bachula as his recording engineer, adviser and now his Mortal Manager. Because the Count and his music are over a millennium old (he was born in 666), I think it is fair to say that Tim Burton and his “Nightmare Before Christmas”, Peter Schickele and his P.D.Q.Bach, Victor Borge, and so many others obviously drank deeply from the bloodstream emanating from Count Bachula. Here is your chance to hear where it all started!

And may I say from personal experience, contrary to certain vicious rumors circulating about the him, that working with Count Bachula is NOT “a pain in the neck”. I just want to take the opportunity to lay that vicious rumor to rest.

Meanwhile, I hope Count Bachula’s music brings tears to your eyes at it has mine!