Getty Images The ladies of “The Vampire Diaries” can breathe easy — their legal woes are behind them! Actresses Nina Dobrev, 20, Candice Accola, 22, Kayla Ewell, 24 and Sara Canning, 22, (along with photographer Tyler Shields and extra Krystal Vayda) were arrested last month on charges of disorderly conduct, after drivers complained that the […]

Teenage fans of Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight series have sent Wuthering Heights – the favourite novel of the books’ hero and heroine – soaring to the top of the classics bestseller charts. A new edition of the novel, repackaged in a similar style to Meyer’s Twilight books – black cover, white flower, tagline “love never dies” […]

Say what you will about Goldman Sachs (GS) – and folks have had a lot to say about the firm lately, much of it less than laudatory – but its stock continues to resonate with shareholders. Critics have thrown several fresh shovelfuls of dirt on the wounded duck they want it to be. But the assault has […]

Through 50 years of Barbie, the bendable blonde has gone through thousands of styles and professions. The folks at, a line of high-end, limited-edition dolls, often have her in the kind of frilly princess fashions that’ve become synonymous with the brand. But every now and then they break out into bolder, brasher territory. And […]

Sunday, August 02, 2009 Mark Dawidziak Plain Dealer Television Critic For such a corpse-cold customer, the vampire seems to be sizzling hot these days. Not just hot, but drop-dead sexy (or is that undead sexy?). Executive producer Alan Ball’s stylish vampire series, “True Blood,” stumbled a bit right out of the graveyard gates. But the […]

National Geographic has reported that as human population grows and local wildlife numbers decrease because of development throughout the region, vampire bats have no where else to turn but human blood. As a result, outbreaks of rabies are increasing, and it’s killing people in places where its occurrence has previously been rare. More…

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is not a  vampire booth at E3 or Comic-Con; this is the big-kahuna of specialized conventions, and with the new cycle of vampire hype, there could not be a more perfect time for a convention of this gourmet delicacy to be served to us on a silver platter. […]

Jo Wood’s brother has laid to bare his true feelings for her estranged husband Ronnie in a shocking oil painting depicting the Rolling Stone as a vampire. Aritst Paul Karslake unleashed his anger by painting the graphic portrait which shows the musician as a blood sucking vampire, biting the neck of a blonde victim. Wood, […]

Poor Britney Spears. We’ve all seen her go to pieces in the last few years, first losing her good-girl image after Timberlake admitted they did it (a lot) without having taken the sacred vows of marriage. Then we watched her have one disastrous marriage (which ended after only a few days), followed shortly thereafter by […]

Boston Latin H.S. Tries To Quash Rumors BOSTON — The headmaster of one of the city’s most prestigious exam schools is dealing with an unusual rumor sweeping student classrooms. There are no vampires at Boston Latin School, says headmaster Lynne Moone Teta. Seriously. Students at the school, which was founded in 1635, began e-mailing news […]

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